Self Standing, UN Rated Self Standing, UN Rated

Self Standing, UN Rated


Size: 39" x 39" x 39" (99cm x 99cm x 99cm)
Safe Working Load: 3,306 lbs (1,500 kg)
Lift Loops: 12" (30cm)

4 Corner Straps
Cardboard Inserts
3 mil PE Liner
Duffle Top
Flat Bottom
Safety Band - Top Webbing

Packaging Group 2
UN 13H3 / Y / mm yy
CAN / BWI 4-541
2700 / 1500

BWI UN rated bulk bags have been approved by the government of Canada’s transportation of dangerous goods program. These bags are designed for safe and compliant removal, transportation and disposal of hazardous materials. Our UN rated bulk bags have a safe working load up to 1500kg and feature an interior 3mil poly liner for extra containment. 

For more information on the transportation of dangerous goods and approved containers, please visit the Government of Canada's Website link below. 

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Commonly used for Abestos Removal, Contaminated Soil, Leaking Batteries, Solid and Sludge Waste. 

Equivalent to 4-5 Standard Steel Drums