The innovative Fledbag lets you empty bulk bags easily, quickly and precisely. Fledbag has the following properties:

  • Flexible Handle 
  • Steady and Stable
  • Certified Food Grade 
  • Tight Seal 
  • Reinforced Glass Fibre Plastic 
  • Easy to Use

Suitable for Bottom Spout Bulk Bags. 

Applications in Agriculture and More

  • Mixing Fertilizers
  • Animal Feed
  • Grass Cob
  • Straw Litter
  • Pickle Mix 
  • Injection Molding Pellets
  • Silicon Carbide 
  • Sand Blasting 
  • Snow Removal 
  • Landscaping 

Technical Specifications
TÜV test specification Germany: LFGB § 31 / Food
Material Fledbag: Polyamide with glass fiber
Average flow depending on material density: 300-800 kgs / minute
Material rivets: stainless steel
Material screws: galvanized
Inner diameter: 14 cm
Height: 15 cm
Weight: 1480 g
Country of origin: Austria

For more information on the FLEDBAG® check out their website.