HDPE and UHMW Mats HDPE and UHMW Mats

HDPE and UHMW Mats


HDPE Mats - (high-density polyethylene)
Quick Mat Sizes:
6.5' up to 10' Length
3.2' up to 4.9' Width

Suitable for turf cover, sidewalks and paths, construction projects, sea port and beaches. 

UHMWPE Mats - (u
ltra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene)
Dura Mat Sizes:
9.8' up to 19' Length
6.5' up to 8' Width

DuraMat Heavy Duty ground protection matting consists of a range of construction methods to suit every construction, infrastructure, utilities, or events project.

Colours available: white, black, red, yellow, blue.