Woven Geotextile Woven Geotextile

Woven Geotextile

CODE: 069

BWI woven geotextiles are made from premium polypropylene (PP), woven to create a high weight to strength ratio. This makes BWI woven geotextiles suitable for a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to: separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, sealing, and protection. Woven geotextiles can be used for sub-grade stabilization requiring substantial strength, as (PP) separators used in the erection of road and building projects, and embankment construction. BWI woven geotextile polypropylene industrial fabric is resistant to UV rays, soil, chemicals, mildew and insects. All of our woven geotextiles are backed by decades of performance in everything from separation and filtration to erosion control and waste containment applications. BWI woven geotextiles are also used in the manufacturing of our superior quality bulk bags, turf covers, custom tarps and covers, silt fences, ground cover, road construction fabric, as well as any application our clients find a woven geotextile (PP) to be the answer to their requirements.

Gia Loi, in affiliation with BWI have started up a North American branch. BWI is proud to be the Canadian Sales Division of Gia Loi. Please click onto the Gia Loi website to see the

manufacturing process.