BWI manufactures and supplies erosion and sediment control products that provide solutions for construction and maintenance projects.

Erosion and Sediment Control is an important part of protecting the communities we live in, highways we drive on and ecosystems that provide food.
Erosion is the wearing away of the earth from environmental and human factors such as rain, stream & channels, eavestrough & gutters. 

Sediment refers to the suspended solids in our water ways, created from construction activities and can be caused natural events such as storm water runoff.
Sediment in water ways can clog fish gills, create algae growth and increase the cost of treating public drinking water.  

 Erosion Control:

Woven Geotextiles;
Non Woven Geotextiles; and
- Construction Mats.

Sediment Control:

- Dewatering Bags and Tubes - Standard;
- Dewatering Bags - Tote Size;
- Silt Fence - Master, Plow/Tommy Rolls; and
- Silt Fence Assembled - 6' & 10' O/C.

Stormwater Management:

- Sand Bags;
- FIBC (Tote Bags);
- Poly Liners;
- PVC Flood Berms; and
- Custom Textile Cofferdams.