At our Calgary facility, we offer block letter printing using up to two colours as well as your choice of a variety of coloured poly fabrics. Customize your bulk bag or tarp with your business name, website and more. We even have graphic design and custom labelling services available.  

- On products manufactured in Calgary, we offer silk screen printing and stencil printing with a choice of 1-2 colours.
- On many of our imported bulk bag products, we offer Flexo silk screen printing in four different colour options. 

BWI can also offer a tag on your product. With this option, you can get a full custom logo printed on the tag.


BWI also ensures that all of our FIBCs meet national regulations with a permanently attached and legible label containing the following data:
- Name and address of the manufacturer
- Manufacturer´s reference which shall be unique to any one FIBC type
- Name and address of the supplier (if required)
- Safe working load (SWL) in kilograms
-Safety factor (SF), i.e. 5:1, 6:1 or 8:1 as appropriate
- Reference to the Test Standard
- Class of FIBC, i.e. "heavy-duty reusable", "standard duty reusable" or "single trip"
- Type test certificate number (which shall be unique to any one type) and the month and year in which the type test certificate was issued
- Date of manufacture of the FIBC, i.e. month and year
- Pictograms of the recommended handling methods
- Details of any special treatments (i.e. UV-stability, Antistatic)
- Where the FIBC is certified in relation to a specific product, the description of that product.