Waste Solutions

BWI has been providing solutions to the recycling and waste industries since 2005. We currently have a line of custom bags and liners that assist in the safe and complaint removal of waste. Looking to replace, suplement or improve your roll off bin business?

·       Leaking and hazardous drum bag

·       Line your bin with a removeable bulk bag

·       UN Rated FIBCs

·       Specfic recyling bulk bags for cans, cardboard, paper, etc.

·       Suitable for a variety of industries

·       Able to hold from 2000 - 4000 lb (1000 - 2000 kg) of product


BWI UN rated bulk bags have been approved by the government of Canada’s transportation of dangerous goods program. These bags are designed for safe and compliant removal, transportation and disposal of hazardous materials. Our UN rated bulk bags have a safe working load up to 1500kg and feature an interior 3mil poly liner for extra containment. 

For more information on the transportation of dangerous goods and apporved containters, please visit the Government of Canada's Website link below. 

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Information 

Waste Solutions