BWI Enterprises LTD. is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of bulk bags and industrial textile products. Since 2005, we have served customers in the energy, agricultural, construction and several other industries. At BWI, we guarantee our clients exceptional service and high quality woven polypropylene products.

We manufacture and supply the following:

·        Bulk Bags (FIBC) and Tote Bags

o   which are used for handling bulk materials such as fertilizer, food, aggregates, dangerous waste and more;

·        Custom Tarps and Covers

o   that ensures proper shelter;

·        Geotextiles

o   which provide support and increase the longevity of roads and parks; and

·        Helicopter bags

o   that resist abrasion for more efficient transportation of goods in remote areas.

In Western Canada and the Northwestern United States, BWI is a leading manufacturer. Our industry experience, global sourcing and manufacturing facility allows us to provide you with superior products and services at the best rate.

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