Waste Packaging

Waste Packaging

BWI has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality hazardous and general waste packaging solutions in Canada since 2005. BWI offers a wide range of containment solutions for the waste removal and remediation industries. Whether you are looking to contain a spill, safely dispose of waste materials, or store and transport waste materials, BWI has a solution to meet your needs.

Some of our solutions include UN Rated FIBC / Bulks Bags for the transportation and storage of hazardous materials, Poly and Poly Woven dumpster liners for lining the inside of industrial bins and containing contents during transportation and more. Many of our hazardous waste solutions are approved by Transport Canada and are compliant with IMDG Regulations. BWI’s manufacturing facility undergoes regular inspections from Transport Canada, so you can rest assured that you are getting a compliant and quality solution. If you need to cover or package any form of waste please get in touch with our friendly sales team!

Waste Packaging Solutions Include:

  • Woven Polypropylene Liners and Bags
  • Overpack Bags and Liners
  • Drawstring Liners
  • Liner and Filters for Bins
  • Extruded Poly Dumpster Liners with ties
  • Dewatering Liners
  • UN Rated FIBC / Bulk Bags
  • Self-Standing UN-Rated Bags
  • Extra Large PP & PE Containment Bags
  • Sludge Dewatering Bags
  • Flexible Non-Hazardous Waste Packaging
  • Large Container Industrial Waste Bags
  • Rail Car Liners
  • Containment tarps
  • Temporary Landfill Covers
  • Flexible Containers to Replace Metal and Wooden Crate
  • Overpack Covers and Bags
  • Industrial Waste Container Bags
  • V-Shaped Bin Liners
  • Waste Bin Rain Caps
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What Industries and Applications that Use Waste Packaging:

Chemical, Hazmat, Drilling, Manufacturing, Automotive, Medical, Nuclear, Energy, Oil & Gas, Spill Control, Emergency Response, Railroad, Airports, Municipal Waste Facility, Landfills, Aerosol, Recycling, Used Paint, Electronic, Soil Remediation, Facilities, Construction, Asbestos Abatement, Roll-off Containers, End Dump Trailers, Rail Gondolas, Tri-Axle Trucks, Dump Trucks, Demolition, Dumpsters, Dewatering,

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Built With Integrity

BWI has been a leading manufacturer in Canada since 2005. We have provided a variety of solutions to a range of industries including energy, agricultural and construction. By combining industry experience, global sourcing capabilities and a versatile manufacturing facility, we are able to provide our customers with superior products and services at competitive rates. From design to delivery, our service-focused team will provide the individual attention every customer deserves.