Custom Tarps and Covers

Custom Tarps and Covers

Established in 2005, BWI Enterprises Ltd. stands as a premier supplier and manufacturer of top-quality covering solutions tailored to meet the needs of the North American market. Nestled in Calgary, Alberta, our local manufacturing facility takes pride in delivering cost-effective, custom solutions with unparalleled customer service.

When it comes to specialized, uniquely shaped, or custom-tailored tarps and covers, our dedicated team is here to listen and cater to your specific requirements. With extensive experience, we excel in handling projects that deviate from the norm, embracing challenges with enthusiasm. From innovative tarp fasteners and precise grommet spacing to ensuring compliance with industry regulations and addressing specific weight considerations, we provide comprehensive solutions that meet your exact needs.

Operating as a Canadian-owned and operated facility, we pride in our quality equipment including automatic grommet machines, heavy-duty Juki industrial sewing machines, advanced cutting tools, hot air welding capabilities, and silkscreen/stencil printing technology. This equipment empowers us to deliver superior quality products with high-quality precision, efficiency, and quick turn around times.

At BWI, our extensive inventory includes a wide range of industrial textile products, varying in weight, tensile strength, and protective properties. Whether you require a single dust cover for delicate electronics or a bulk order of heavy-duty reusable rain covers for chemical totes, we have the solution tailored to your specific needs. Our team is committed to providing personalized service, ensuring that each client receives the perfect product to suit their unique requirements.

Our clientele spans across diverse industries, including but not limited to:

  • Construction: Protecting equipment and materials on job sites. Removing snow in minutes with snow removal tarps. Protecting the environment and public with bridge netting and custom containment tarps.
  • Agriculture: Covering crops, protecting machinery, and providing shelter for equipment.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Securing cargo during transit and safeguarding goods from the elements.
  • Manufacturing: Shielding machinery and equipment from dust and debris.
  • Oil & Gas: Covering equipment and supplies in harsh environmental conditions. Custom hose sleeves, guards, wraps and hanging sleeves to protect hydraulic and electrical lines.
  • Renewable Energy: Protecting installations during construction and maintenance.
  • Mining: Covering equipment and materials in rugged environments.

With BWI Enterprises Ltd., you can trust in our commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your unique tarp and cover needs, and let us provide you with the perfect solution tailored to your requirements.

Our Product Offerings:

  • Custom Tarps
  • Bridge Containment Tarps
  • Debris Containment Tarps
  • Custom Covers
  • Aerial Bucket Covers
  • Cargo Nets
  • Dust Collector Covers & Transitions
  • IBC Tote Covers
  • Custom Pallet Covers
  • Safety & Athletic Covers
  • Concrete Curing Tarps
  • Equipment Covers
  • Electronic Dust Covers
  • Vocational Truck Covers
  • Turf Protection Covers
  • Concrete Chutes & Transition Pump Covers
  • Industrial Curtains
  • Snow & Dirt Removal Tarps
  • Rated Lifting Tarps
  • Radiator Mesh Screens
  • Custom Insulated Covers
  • Banner Finishing Services
  • Athletic Safety Padding
  • Tarp Repairs, Refurbishing, & Rentals
  • Operator Both Covers
  • Glass and Windshield Protectors
  • Security Cargo Covers
  • Acreage Wind Screen Project

Material Options:

  • Untreated and Treated Canvas (Sunforger®)
  • Vinyl (PVC)
  • Woven Polypropylene (Coated and Uncoated)
  • Woven Polyethylene (Coated)
  • PVC & Nylon Mesh
  • Nylon (Cordura®)
  • Various Webbings & Strappings
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What Industries & Applications use Custom Tarps and Covers?

Manufacturing, Energy, Oil & Gas, Energy, Exploration Construction, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Fishing, Automotive, Textiles, Mining, Aggregates, Transportation, Landscaping, Emergency and Disaster Response, Construction, Vocational Trucks & Vehicles, and More!

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Built With Integrity

BWI has been a leading manufacturer in Canada since 2005. We have provided a variety of solutions to a range of industries including energy, agricultural and construction. By combining industry experience, global sourcing capabilities and a versatile manufacturing facility, we are able to provide our customers with superior products and services at competitive rates. From design to delivery, our service-focused team will provide the individual attention every customer deserves.