FIBC / Bulk Bags & Poly Liners

FIBC / Bulk Bags & Poly Liners

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), also commonly known as Mega Bags™, Bulk Bags, and Totes are a cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly packaging solution. Bulk Bags are manufactured from UV-stabilized durable polypropylene woven fabric. Commonly used for transporting, shipping, and storing dry flowing goods, solid materials in powder, granular or paste form, and designed to be lifted from above.

BWI keeps a large inventory Bulk Bags and Poly Liners at all times. In-stock Bulk Bag inventories range from 24x24x24” to 40x40x60” in a variety of safe working loads and styles, along with a wide variety of poly liners to accompany our bags. BWI also stocks Bulk Bags which are compliant for hazardous materials and food products which require a BRC or AIB Certification.

If we do not have the exact Bulk Bag that you require or you have unique requirements, our Canadian ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility can make Bulk Bags in as little as two weeks. Custom Bulk Bags are also manufactured overseas in as little as twelve weeks. Custom or Bespoke Bulk Bags can be manufactured and supplied in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and safe working loads (SWL) ranging from 500kg to 2000kg.
BWI offers refurbishment services for those who wish to extend the life of their bags and also repairs defective bags which were sewn incorrectly or missing important components such as document pouches.

FIBC / Bulk Bag Construction Options:

  • U-Panel
  • Circular
  • Baffle
  • Sling
  • Filter / Dewatering
  • Ventilated
  • Cap Sacks

FIBC / Bulk Bag Lifting Loop Options:

  • Polypropylene loops
  • Polyester loops
  • Stand up loops
  • Most colors available
  • 4 loop
  • Stevedore (polypropylene and rope style)
  • 2 loop (for center pickup)
  • Sleeve lift

FIBC / Bulk Bag Additional Options:

  • Laminated or coated fabric
  • Designed for recycling bags (DFR)
  • Sift proof designs
  • Polyethylene, metalized, baffle, & form fit liners
  • Document pouches
  • Rope locks
  • Velcro closure
  • UN Certification for hazardous materials
  • Clean room manufacturing for industrial clean applications
  • BRC Food Grade Standard (for guaranteed contaminate-free bags)
  • Logo and printing options
  • Barcodes, traceability & safety labels

FIBC / Bulk Bag Types:

  • Type A – Standard Bag
  • Type B – Low Breakdown Voltage
  • Type C – Conductive Threads, Grounding Required
  • Type D – No Grounding Required
  • UN Rated – Hazardous Materials
  • Special Application – Non-Standard Fill Materials
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What Industries & Applications use FIBC / Bulk Bags & Poly Liners?

Agriculture Harvests, Animal Feed, Alfalfa, Chemicals, Erosion Control, Fertilizers, Fiberglass, Bentonite, Flood Mitigation, Firewood, Food Products, Grains, Hides, Hazmat, Shotcrete, Construction Materials, Sand, Gravel, Pigments, Pulses, Rebar, Plastics, Refractory Materials, Minerals, Metal Parts, Nuts, Seeds, Peanuts, Almonds, Pistachio, Silo/Overhead Dispensing of Packing Peanuts, Starch, Coffee, Tea, Spices, Waste, and More!

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