Terrafirma Mud Mats & Outrigger Pads

Terrafirma Mud Mats & Outrigger Pads

Terrafirma Mud Mats (Previously AGES Mud Mat)
Venturing into difficult terrains, particularly those with soft soils or ecologically sensitive zones, demands unique solutions. Enter BWI’s Terrafirma Mud Mat! Designed as a site access solution, this mat acts as a shield, letting you tread on muddy or swampy terrains with reduced risk of getting mired, creating ruts, or inadvertently carrying mud beyond the site. The construction of the Mud Mat is robust: it boasts pocketed, double-wall, high-strength fabric, fortified with high tensile reinforcing ribs placed within each sleeve. This design ensures effortless deployment and instant traction in muddy conditions. Each mat can seamlessly connect with others, increasing the area of coverage in minutes. Includes 5 heavy-duty steel clips to link mats together.

Sizes: 8×15’
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Outrigger & RV Pads

BWI stocks and supplies UHMWPE Outrigger and RV Jack Pads. Outrigger and RV Jack Pads are a cost-effective, long-lasting, highly durable, easy to clean, and splinter-free solution! An integral handle is cut into the pad which replaces traditional ropes that can come loose. Pads can also be used to support heavy loads such as ocean containers and outdoor stages.

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In Stock Sizes :

  • 30x30x2.5cm (12x12x1in) 4 ton
  • 30x30x4cm (12x12x1.5in) 9 ton
  • 46x46x4cm (18x18x1.5in) 10 ton
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