Bulk Bags

FIBC Bulk Bags | Minibulk Bags

BWI is a manufacturer of Bulk bags also known as Flexible Bulk Containers. We custom manufacture any style of bulk bag to fit any application, including, circular, U-panel, baffled, funnel, full bottom discharge, sift proof, U.N. certified, groundable and type D bulk bags.

Our partnership with 3 major overseas manufacturers enables us to provide you with competitive prices without compromising our superior quality. From start to finish BWI manufactures the woven polypropylene fabric, and locally we complete the industrial sewing of the bulk bags and ship them to you. We also offer FDA and AIB approved food grade bulk bags. Our Calgary BWI staff is ready to design and locally manufacture custom bulk bags to suit your specific needs. We also offer bulk bag repairs to extend their use.

Benefits of using Bulk Bags:
  • Lightweight flexible packaging
  • Stackable for ease of storage
  • Need virtually no space to store empty bulk bags
  • Products can be repaired locally for extended use
  • Custom manufactured for your unique needs
  • Reusable, competitively priced
  • Suitable for a variety of industries
  • No pallets required
  • Able to hold from 2 - 4000 lbs of product


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