Every year, BWI has an external ISO 9001:2015 audit with BSI. This is done to ensure BWI is compliant and meets the requirements of the standard. Being ISO certified in Calgary and overseas allows us to manufacture and import bulk bags (FIBCs) that are used to contain dangerous goods.

Multiple BWI customers include hazardous waste and mining companies all across Canada. We currently have UN Rated designs approved by Transport Canada for packaging groups x and y. One requirement for UN Rated bags is that they go through a series of tests to assure quality. We take quality seriously at BWI, and set ourselves apart by being a domestic manufacturer. This means BWI can manufacture UN Rated bags as low as ten units within 1-3 weeks.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifies that a service, documentation procedure, or manufacturing process has all requirements necessary for quality and consistency assurance. ISO is an independent, international organization, not run by the government. They create industry standards to make sure the efficiency, quality, and safety of products, services, and systems. ISO certifications exist in numerous industries including medical devices, energy management, and social responsibility.

Let’s break ISO 9001:2015 down into segments. ISO, as previously mentioned, stands for the International Organization of Standardization. 9001 refers to quality management standards. ISO 9001 is one of the best-known standards and defines the basis for meeting multiple quality management rules. 2015 is the year that this set of regulations were launched. In this case, 2015 is the fifth version of ISO 9001.

What does ISO 9001 mean?

Being ISO 9001 Certified means that the organization has met all the requirements defined by ISO. ISO 9001 requires companies to determine and follow a quality management system that is relevant and effective. These organizations are also required to identify areas for improvement and follow through on those improvements. Businesses claiming the ISO 9001 certification meet high quality standards regarding their products and services.

Being ISO 9001 certified is required in order to sell to certain industries. ISO standards provide a guideline of what needs to be done on every order. They provide instruction on what standards need to be met, how to check for quality, and what is required. In addition, ISO certifications also help in keeping products and services relevant. When the standards change, so do the products and services.

UN Certified Bulk Bags for Hazardous Materials

Organizations need to be aware of all the rules and regulations connected with the hazardous material they are transporting. The United Nations published the “Orange Book,” a standardized global system of classification and labeling of chemicals, as well as recommendations about the transport of dangerous goods.

Bulk Bags (FIBCs) are very important to manufacturers and distributors of dangerous goods. They are used to package these types of products because of their durability, size, customizations, and affordability. Transporting and storing dangerous goods in bulk bags adds a new set of unique requirements for testing and safety.

UN Certified bulk bags are made specifically to pass UN certifications for transporting and storing hazardous materials. Each bag is put through rigorous testing. Tests include top lift test, stacking test, drop test, topple test, righting test, tear test, and optional vibration test. If a bag fails any of these tests, the product will not be recognized by authorities and will not be labeled as UN Rated. Once a bag is UN certified, documentation will be provided with a Design Pass Report. These records are kept in order to file for recertification, and hold a high standard.

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Here at BWI, the safety of our customers is our top priority. Regardless of who you purchase FIBCs from, it is important to use highly rated bulk bags and know what the certifications mean. We hope this blog post has been informative and will assist you in making your FIBC purchase decisions easier.

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